What are Active Tabs?

The GumboNet user interface provides quick access to frequently used screens or specific work-in-progress screens in Active Tabs.

The Active Tabs provide quick access to frequently used screens such as Ledgers, Smart Contracts, and Blocks.

  • Ledgers - Table to view all ledgers and their properties such as status, ID, ledger name, owner of the ledger, smart contracts associated with the ledger, expiration date, and actions.

  • Smart Contracts - Table to view all smart contracts and their properties such as status, ID, version, name, buyer, seller, partner, ledger associated with the smart contract, type of smart contract, amount, currency, and expiration date.

  • Blocks - Table to view all blocks and their properties such as status, ID, type, host party, counterparty, partners, the date the block was created, ledger associated with the block, smart contract associated with the block, amount, and currency.

Active Tabs Mar 14 2022

  1. Select GumboChain from the navigation bar

  2. Active Tabs may be viewed in the drop-down menu

Note:  Depending on the screen, frequently used, context-appropriate tabs will be permanently accessible in this location. Additionally, if a user is working on negotiating a contract and opens an additional contract for negotiation, both contracts will be accessible via the active tabs dropdown.

While this functionality is currently in its infancy, over the next few releases we will enable users to save favorites that will be available through the active tabs dropdown. For instance, users will be able to apply filters on the blocks screen they’d like to reuse, and can then save that filter set, which will be accessible again by selecting it from the active tabs dropdown. In subsequent selections, the same filters are applied to the data available at the time of selection rather than past data.